Darya Nazeri Portfolio
Life in Asaluye

Asaluyeh is the largest Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and one of the major gas reserves in Iran that supplies 48 percent of Iran’s gas and 8 percent of world’s gas. The development of oil industry in 1998s resulted in construction of gas refineries and petrochemical complexes in Asaluyeh. Oil industry has created lot of problems such as air and water pollution in this area that impacts the quality of life. The main reasons for air pollution are 45 flares located close to residential areas, these flares burn all the time without break. Oil facilities are only a few kilometers far from residential areas and sulfur (a toxic substance that damages lungs, skin, central nervous system and respiratory system) is kept in open area close to the. Asaluyeh is one of the most polluted places in the world that is located in south of Iran with approximate 8000 inhabitant. Cancer is the major cause of death in Asaluyeh.
In this project I am trying to show harmful effects of oil facilities on nature and people’s life like congenital disorders, cancers and some other effects like getting jobless because of water pollution.